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About us

Kindersley Machine Services was started by Alex Kachmarski in it’s namesake community of Kindersley, SK in February 2015.  

A family run and operated business, this team has experience in oil and gas, agriculture, and absolutely anything in-between.  

Known for providing quality machining solutions in Kindersley and across the region, Kindersley Machine Services is group of top level machine specialists. 


Staying true to their local roots, they value high-quality and efficient work, supporting other local businesses and the economy around the region. 


Our Team


Alex Kachmarski

Owner, Journeyman Machinist & Millwright 

To start my day off right, I must drink a hot cup of good old black Coffee. If you find me listening to music, it’ll either be rock or EDM. When noon rolls around, my wife brings out leftovers (my favourite) to the shop or I’ll pick up something up at a fast-food joint on one of my trips to town. 


Kelsey Kachmarski


My go-to drink is iced coffee with some French vanilla creamer. At lunch, my absolute favourite thing to eat is grilled cheese and tomato soup, but most likely you’ll see me eating leftovers. When I am driving into town, I’ll be jamming out to country or pop. 


Rylan Hight

2nd Year Machinist Apprentice

You can often find me listening to hard rock while I am working during the day. I wouldn’t say I have one favourite lunch that I eat everyday, and I take my coffee plain.  


Karamjit Singh 

CNC Operator 

During the winter, drinking coffee is my heater. I also only drink coffee when I need that burst of energy! I like to listen to all kinds of music, except sad songs. Most days, you’ll find me heading to McDonalds for lunch. 


Syphonna Leipert

 General Labour 

No matter the season, you will find me with an Iced Capp in hand! I mainly only listen to worship music. In the mornings, when I’m packing my lunch, I’ll just grab whatever leftovers I can find! 

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